Letters to Santa

Get a letter from santa!

How it works

Find our red Letters to Santa Mailbox at the end of the driveway and use the provided paper to write your letter! If you include a return address, you will recieve a personalized letter from Santa!


If you give us permission, we will post a photo of your child's letter in our online photo gallery (address redacted of course!). See full privacy info below.

Your Privacy is Important

We do this to help spread Christmas cheer and feel it makes our show unique. We will not share or save your address. It is only used for addressing the return letter which will be sent through USPS (at our expense). We will shred the address portion of your child's letter once mailing is complete.


If you checked 'yes' for posting the letter online, we will scan everything above the online permission section and post it to our Santa Letters Gallery on this website. See the Gallery for an Example of a Posted Letter.


Use the Feedback Form on our Location page if you have any questions.